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Veriff now supports Arabic documents

We are excited to announce that Veriff now supports Arabic identity documents for identity verification that use the Arabic alphabet. Currently, the Arabic documents supported include Egyptian ID, Saudi ID and Saudi residence permit; this will be expanded to additional documents in the near future.

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Karita Sall
July 13, 2022
Blog Post

The Arabic document support for our clients gives wider access to commonly used identity documents and supporting users who were previously unable to be verified because their identity documents feature personal data, such as names, written only in Arabic characters. Now, with Veriff they can go  through the IDV process seamlessly with documents where the Arabic alphabet is used. 

Aryna Dashkovskaya, Product Manager at Veriff said, “We at Veriff want to support businesses expanding globally and verifying as many potential customers as possible.  Therefore we’re always pushing to add new languages and documents to our flow. The Arabic document update is a huge advantage for potential customers who couldn’t previously get verified with Veriff.”

Veriff strives to be the global solution to online identity verification, and continues to expand its offerings to make it possible for all businesses and users to safely live online. Veriff’s intelligent decision engine can analyze thousands of technological and behavioral variables in seconds, matching people to more than 10,200 government-issued IDs from over 190 countries. Veriff’s verification flow is available in 45 languages, making identity verification service available in more languages than competition in the industry.