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Three Ways To Use Veriff’s Face Match

Veriff has now officially launched Face Match, our fantastic biometric reverification tool. But what might you need reverification for? Well, here are three examples!

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Patrick Johnson
April 1, 2021
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Biometric Authentication

Veriff has now officially launched Face Match, our fantastic new biometric reverification tool. This groundbreaking facial recognition technology and software platform enables businesses to instantly confirm the identity of returning clients and customers, powered by fully automated biometric technology.

Since we first launched our Face Match product page detailing everything our latest piece of identity verification technology would be able to do, we’ve been keeping the specifics of our development process closely under wraps. Now, having completed our in-depth refinement of the end-to-end user experience, we’re finally ready to shout about it.

The real question is, what sort of business applications and scenarios might you want to use facial recognition software for today? We’ve outlined below three example cases in which Face Match can provide a fast and powerful boost to your online security credentials. 

This introductory guide is designed to help you learn more about how facial recognition solutions can help prevent identity fraud for your online customer base. If you’re a business owner looking to improve digital security through the user of biometric systems and facial recognition algorithms, read on!

What does Face Match online identity verification do?

Face Match is a software tool that does exactly what you'd expect, given its name. In short, it's a facial recognition technology built to prevent identity fraud, by matching the face of your customer to an existing identity document that you already have on file.

To explain in slightly more depth, the software will analyse a returning customer's facial image in real time, typically taking only about a second to perform robust and secure online identity verification. Face Match does so using a complex hybrid of machine learning, automation, and biometric verification patterns.

This enables the tool to make a wide range of smart decisions for you (including 'liveness detection', to prevent anybody from bypassing the system using a static image). Within a couple of screen taps on a user device, Face Match allows seamless log-ins for authorised parties, while blocking and alerting you instantly to any perceived risks or security threats.

With the tool running, users' digital identities are confirmed promptly via a submitted 'selfie' shot, which is instantly compared to an existing facial image file linked to that customer's digital ID. By incorporating Veriff’s trusted Assisted Image Capture software into the Face Match platform, we've made it incredibly quick and easy for your customers to check-in securely with a single snap of their device camera.

With the basics of how Face Match works covered, let's talk about some specific examples: how, when, and why you might want to use facial recognition systems for the security of your online business and customers.

Three ways to use Face Match

Resetting credentials

Using just a facial image, your users can easily reset their account settings after they've been verified, with Face Match acting as their built-in two-factor authentication method. This is a good example of how reverification can be an extremely valuable step in bolstering your online security measures: discover more about when and why you should reverify a user's identity in our recent article, What is Reverification & Why is it important?

High-risk customers

Face Match can be an additional step when customers are making unique requests, like adding a new bank account, making a large withdrawal, or logging in from an unusual region. Liveness check features during image capture help prevent identity theft, even if the potential fraudster has access to an existing image of a legitimate user.

Employee remote verification

Facial recognition software enables you to reverify an employee's identity before they're able to access high-risk or sensitive company data. In addition to preventing unwanted intrusions through external identity theft, this offers an extra layer of digital protection for internal systems and documents - even in cases where an otherwise authorised user is already logged in on another part of the network.

For more information on digital onboarding and integrating Face Match technology into your existing apps and web platforms, be sure to check out Veriff's full page of developer documentation for the Face Match platform.

Veriff combines advanced technology with a seamless user experience to create powerful facial recognition systems

“With Face Match, Veriff makes sure that the facial biometrics of the person match the historically captured government-issued ID to authenticate their identity” said Janer Gorohhov, Veriff co-founder and CPO.

“Consumers have become so accustomed to a fast, seamless experience online in this digital-first world, and based on the great ideas from our first-ever hackathon, we're now able to deliver this innovative offering to our customers.”

If Face Match sounds like something your company needs for a more robust approach to online security in the modern era, don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today. You don't even have to be using Veriff platforms for your existing identity verification protocol to start using Face Match today; we'll happily talk you through the ins and outs of the integration process for new users, so feel free to chat to us about adopting our cutting-edge recognition systems at any stage of your business growth.

To learn more about facial recognition technology, biometric verification more broadly, or the game-changing power of online ID verification in general, don't forget to check out some of our other blog articles on all aspects of identity access management.