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The five dangers of online dating and what you can do to prevent them

The unique dangers of online dating, and how automated verification tools can help keep your users secure.

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Ashley Nelson
Content Strategist
July 13, 2023
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Identity Verification

Online dating offers a world of opportunity, empowering users to meet like-minded people and build romantic relationships across varying geographies, religions, interests and demographics.

There is huge potential to develop a business in the area. However, in order to build trust, acquire and retain new customers and find advertising partners on your platform, providers must put security at the heart of everything they do. 

5 unique dangers of online dating 

1. Underage users

It is essential that users meet a minimum pre-defined age limit, to protect your customers and your site from legal and reputational damage. Veriff’s Age Estimation technology uses facial biometric analysis to estimate a user’s age without requiring the user to provide an identity document — this solution provides fraud protection while giving users a privacy-centric validation option. Veriff’s Age Validation technology extracts the date of birth from government-issued IDs, seamlessly onboarding users who are above your age threshold and denying access to those who aren’t. 

2. Romance scams and catfishing

Romance scams typically see fraudsters use fake online profiles with fictional identities, with victims tricked into transferring money or even property. Catfishing is one example, where scammers upload photos of other people to mislead targets and conceal their identities. With Veriff’s technology, users take a live selfie to confirm their liveness when they enroll, with these images then compared to uploaded photos. 

3. Bots 

As AI advances, so do the tools available to scammers. Bots pose as real people as part of finance scams and other crimes. Veriff’s biometric authentication can compare a live selfie to uploaded imagery, confirming a person is who they say they are. 

4. Multi-accounting

Bad actors who have previously been banned can simply create multiple new accounts, using new aliases, to secure access once again. Veriff’s Velocity Abuse tool addresses this threat, keeping banned users out for good. It utilizes a variety of data points – for example, a face blocklist, a device and network blocklist, along with data tied to documents or individuals.  

5. Sexual predators

In the worst cases, sexual predators can use dating platforms to gain access to potential victims. With Veriff’s biometric authentication technology, you can ensure people are who they claim to be. 

4 ways to enhance your platform’s security

  • Address the security threat: Online dating customers are vulnerable to catfishing, romance scams and more. Biometric Authentication can prove someone is who they claim to be, adding a new layer of safety and security. 
  • Age Validation and Age Estimation: It is vital that your customers are 18 or another pre-defined legal age to use your services; this not only safeguards users, but helps maintain your brand reputation. Veriff’s Age Validation technology ensures people are the age they claim to be, automatically extracting the date of birth from government ID. 
  • But respect user privacy: The type of identity verification software used in other sectors may not be appropriate in online dating, where users often want privacy due to cultural or legal concerns, among other reasons. Tools like Veriff’s new Age Estimation solution can determine someone’s age without demanding their data. 
  • Safe customers are happy customers: The types of verification tools outlined here satisfy much more than legal demands. They give your customers a secure experience, making them more likely to stick around. Dating is tough enough – by boosting customer security, you will also support the future growth of your platform. 

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We can support your brand in identity verification, regulatory compliance and more, using cutting-edge biometrics and automated technology to ensure only the right people have access to your platform. Our approach can be tailored to your needs, ensuring you meet security demands while respecting customer needs on data extraction and use. 

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