Recruitment privacy policy

This recruitment privacy policy describes how Veriff processes job applicant’s personal data.

Please read about your rights and the main privacy principles that every employee is to follow from the Privacy Policy. Here you can find processing specifics in case of recruitment.

The specific information on how we handle your Personal Data when you are an employee, will be made available to you when you enter into a contract with Veriff.

Please review this policy carefully and contact us and our data protection officer (DPO) at if you have any comments, questions or concerns.

1. General

Here you can find when the Policy is applicable.

1.1 Terms have the same meaning in this Policy as in the Privacy Policy, unless otherwise provided here.

1.2 This Policy is for potential employees, i.e. job applicants and gives overview how Veriff Processes applicant’s Personal Data for recruitment process.

1.3 Additional information may be provided under listed job offers or during the recruitment process, in which case those Processing rules are either complimentary to this Policy or prevail this Policy.

2. Personal Data we process during the recruitment process

Here You can find what Personal Data we gather about you.

2.1 When is your data processed. We are constantly hiring new talents and thus encourage as many talents as possible to enter into our recruitment process. During the recruitment process we Process the Personal Data of applicants we contact with possible job offers as well as the applicants who apply themselves.

2.2 Content of Processed Personal Data. We may collect and process, among other information, the following Personal Data:

(1) identification data, such as name, date of birth, picture, personal identification code, legal capacity, nationality, citizenship, IP address and identification document details such as number, name, issuing country, security features, expiration dates and copies, details related to sanctions control, such as documentation of immigration status or residency permit, banking information;

(2) contact and communication data, such as address, phone number, email address, messages sent to us or to you by us;

(3) data about your interaction (clicks and openings) with our emails;

(4) current and previous employment data, such as data about your current and previous employee, position within the company, etc.;

(5) data related to your candidacy, such as CV, motivation letter, job preferences, recommenders, (video) interviews, results of your tests and analyses, etc.;

(6) publicly available relevant data, e.g. checks in public sanctions lists, checks in relevant public records for verification of given data, public social media accounts, etc.

(7) background screening data - as our Service requires a high level of trust, considering the position, we may process applicants background information, such as  criminal records check (past offences), reference checks (e.g. professional certifications), and confirmation reports (e.g. living permit) to the extent permitted by law. In certain cases applicants and employees may choose or may have to go through Veriff-determined background screening service provider's background check. In those cases, the the terms and privacy policies of those service providers will also apply;

(8) identity verification data, as named in Section 4.1 in the Privacy Policy including photos and videos, as well as face scans and other measurements, extracted from the same - some of this extracted data may be considered biometric data in certain jurisdictions. If you are from Texas or Illinois, please see also Section 12.4 of the Privacy Policy, which governs our collection and use of your biometric data, if any.

2.3 From where we may gather Personal Data. We usually obtain Personal data directly from you when you apply for a position with us or when we contact you with a possible job offer. In addition, we collect your Personal Data independently through different channels (e.g. via social media profiles, online job sites). We may also collect your Personal Data from third parties, such as professional recruiting firms, your references, prior employers and employment background check providers, to the extent this is permitted by applicable law. Additionally, we may share your Personal Data with professional recruiting firms that we have entered into agreements with, in order to assist us in the recruitment process (for the conditions of such sharing, see the Privacy Policy Chapter 8). During the recruiting process we may ask for the submission of different information that enables us to assess your suitability for the relevant position. You are not required to provide any of the requested information to us, but kindly note that failing to do so may result in you not being able to continue your candidacy for the position.

2.4 Please note, generally we do not seek to obtain special categories of Personal Data, such as data concerning your ethnicity, health, philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. However, during the application process, there may be opportunities to voluntarily disclose such information.

2.5 Retention period. We store the data of applicants during the recruitment process and for a limited period after the recruitment process to record your recruiting activity with us and be able to inform you of new vacancies within that time frame. Please note, that if you enter into employment (or similar) contract with us, different retention periods apply. In case of background investigation results different retention periods may apply, depending on the result and the format of the extract. Extracts of results will only be retained after the check for as long as needed to prove any decision about candidacy and/or authenticity of the extract.

3. The purpose and legal ground for processing during the recruitment process

Here you can find why and under what legal grounds we process your Personal Data.

3.1 We Process your Personal Data as a Data Controller on the following grounds: under legitimate interest for managing recruitment processing and assessing your suitability for the position (purposes No.(1) up to (3), (5), (7), and (8) if document verification), for preparing and performance of the contract (purpose No.(4)), for compliance with our legal obligation (purpose No.(2), (6) and (8), if legally obliged to do so in respective jurisdiction), and on the basis of consent (purposes No.(7) and (8) if remote verification). If the applicant is not selected, we shall store the Personal Data collected for entry into an employment contract for a limited period in order to make a job offer to the applicant in the case a suitable position becomes vacant. The purposes of Processing are as follows:

(1) to determine applicants’ suitability for the available position;

(2) to verify the data submitted by the applicant (including carrying out reference checks and/or conducting background checks where applicable);

(3) to manage the recruitment process and keep the applicant updated about the progress of the process;

(4) in the case of a successful application, to prepare a job offer and employment contract, and to fulfil the onboarding activities;

(5) to protect our rights and fulfil our legal obligations;

(6) for business management and administrative purposes, such as record-keeping and improving our recruitment and business practices, and following limitations related to sanctions;

(7) to store the information in order to inform the applicant about our vacant positions and make a job offer in the case of a suitable position in the future;

(8) to verify the identity of the applicant for employment fraud prevention reasons (to make sure an applicant is who they claim to be).

4. Availability of, and changes to, the Policy

Here you can find information about changes made to the Policy.

4.1 This Privacy Policy is available on our Website.

4.2 Kindly note that we may modify the Policy from time to time. The modified policy will be uploaded to our webpage.

4.3 You are advised to review this Policy periodically for any changes.

4.4 Changes to this Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.

  • Valid from: July 30, 2020
  • Last update: December 16, 2022