Proof of Address

Approve more users with Veriff’s automated Proof of Address

Veriff’s Proof of Address offering has been significantly bolstered with the addition of data extraction capabilities to work seamlessly alongside our product ecosystem. The new POA offering will further reduce user friction, lower costs, and continue to comply with regulators. Ensure your customers aren’t waiting hours, or even days, for approval. 


How Proof of Address helps businesses

Veriff automates your manual processes and makes it easier, faster and cheaper to confirm that your users live where they say they live.

How Veriff's Proof of Address works

Add Proof of Address to your identity verification integration to make it easy for real people to prove their address.

Proof of Address capture

Easily and securely capture a copy of customers’ POA  documents either as part of ID Verification or as a standalone process. Credit card statements, driver licenses,  and utility or phone bills are examples of documents accepted as proof of address. 

Veriff then scans the acceptable document and automatically reads and extracts key details like names, residential addresses, dates, and transaction information in seconds. 

The date is checked to validate that it is within the allowable time-frame. Data-driven fraud detection routes out manipulated documents with fraudulent proof of residence. 

The extracted data is sent to your back-office system via webhooks along with our document Trust Score for final decision making and data retention.

Comply with regulators

Veriff provides next-level automation that removes hurdles from Proof of Address processes, allowing businesses to more easily meet their regulatory requirements.

Issue date validation

Veriff’s POA solution automatically scans a submitted document, detects the document issue date, and validates whether or not it is within the last 90 days. Prevent both fraudulent and expired documents from being accepted.

Separate POA flow

Veriff's Proof of Address flow can be triggered either during user onboarding or at any point that it is triggered by user action, such as account withdrawal.

Document confidence score

Veriff’s Proof of Address offering has built-in, data-driven tampering detection technology that catches fraud that the human eye cannot see and outputs a singular Document Confidence Score which can be used for decisioning.

Meet your growing needs

Don't let Proof of Address processes be a bottleneck for your company's growth. Veriff's Proof of Address offering is infinitely scalable and is ready to meet your growing requirements when needed.

Working round the clock

Global companies require 24-hour operations. Veriff’s automated solution allows you to approve whenever needed, not only during business hours.

Get Proof of Address

Tell us a bit about your business needs and we’ll put you in touch with our team of experts to help you get started with Proof of Address from Veriff.


Veriff is compliant with CCPA/CPRA, GDPR, SOC2 type II, ISO 27001, and WCAG Accessibility Guidelines.


Version 2.0,
Level AA


Approve more genuine users, eliminate more fraud

Fraud Protect is our core package of fraud mitigation features, designed to protect your organization during the IDV process while minimizing friction for your genuine users. It combines advanced machine learning models and fraud-detection expertise to detect patterns and deliver industry-leading protection.