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Caroline Mogford joins Veriff as Chief Marketing Officer

Caroline will be responsible for leading the company’s marketing strategy as it meets the growing demand for reliable and secure identity verification across industries. In her role as CMO, she  will lead the global marketing organization focused on driving Veriff’s demand generation, product marketing and brand awareness. She will also join Veriff’s executive team expand strategic marketing initiatives across the globe.

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Karita Sall
May 12, 2022
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Caroline brings more than 15 years experience in the technology industry to her new role at Veriff. Most recently, she was senior vice president of marketing at Qualtrics where she led EMEA marketing and sales development as well as global partner marketing. During her time at Qualtrics, Caroline grew her team from one person to roughly 100 across the globe. Prior to that, she led international marketing for Google, owning marketing initiatives for the Google for Education product line.

“We are at a pivotal point in Veriff’s history, with a great opportunity to expand our global influence in the identity verification industry making trust scalable online,” said Kaarel Kotkas, founder and CEO of Veriff. “Caroline brings a proven track record for helping companies - and individuals -  to successfully scale. She will play a critical role in helping further strengthen Veriff’s position in the US market and lead Veriff’s adoption in new markets.” 

The identity verification (IDV) market is developing at a rapid pace as an increasing number of companies and consumers are recognizing the technology’s ability to instill trust and security in their online interactions. Veriff is well positioned to call attention to the benefits of secure IDV and can lean on its position as a leading provider of IDV technology to some of the world’s biggest brands to influence market trends.  Mogford’s appointment to CMO will strengthen the company’s position and provide strategic leadership behind Veriff’s efforts to educate companies and consumers. 

“There are four things that I look for in a company: Does it make the world a better place? Does it have the best product in its space? Is it led by amazing founders with a long-term vision? And does it hire great people?,” said Mogford. “Veriff checked all those boxes for me. I believe that Veriff has the best ID verification technology - whether to  ensure that your children are safe online playing video games, or that your taxi driver is who they say they are. This is something that should make all of our lives safer and easier. I have high expectations for what Veriff’s team will achieve and I’m thrilled to be part of that journey.”  

Mogford has a First in Economics from Cambridge University and a Masters in Economics from The London School of Economics.