Calendar iconMay 16-18, 2023
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Join Veriff at Marketplace Risk 2023!

Veriff is excited to sponsor the Marketplace Risk Conference in San Francisco, a key source for education, networking, and information sharing in the marketplace platform ecosystem. Learn more about risk management, trust and safety, compliance, and legal and digital innovation. Join us to analyze this year's developments so far, discuss the challenges and opportunities, and work towards making the industry better and safer for all.

Onsite Presentation

​​Enabling e-Commerce with KYC

Digital marketplaces are pursuing growth, while also ensuring that they have sound safety practices to build trust with users.Trust and safety have become key consideration for users, on top of ease of access and experience. But should this be a challenge for e-commerce platforms looking to gain a competitive edge in an increasingly dynamic market? In this presentation, experts will dispel the myth that safety is an impediment to scalability. Attendees will discover ways to leverage identity in digital communities to improve trust and safety, why honest users and digital platforms alike benefit from improved safety and identity practices, and insights into a specific business case.

Want to join us? Marketplaces and digital platforms will get 25% off using code SPEAKERGUEST25 when they register.

How is Veriff helping Marketplaces?

Veriff helps you ensure a customer is who they say they are, while preventing the risk of bad actors. The process is fast, frictionless, accurate, and secure, while maintaining customer satisfaction and preserving customer safety.

Fast & scalable

Establish trust easily within seconds, using an automated UX, that can easily scale for your business needs. 

Integrates everywhere

Veriff's SDKs are easy to integrate, and work on desktop web, mobile web, native Android and iOS SDKs, and via API.

Stop repeat offenders

By detecting patterns within devices and networks, Veriff’s AI rejects repeat offenders and keeps them out of your experiences.

Automate Age Verification

Not all experiences are appropriate for children. Ensure that only eligible people are accessing those features.

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