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Veriff now supports Cyrillic documents

In line with Veriff's mission to become the global solution to online identity verification, we now support Cyrillic documents.

Featured image that represents Veriff's announcement of accepting Cyrillic documents.
February 4, 2022
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As a company who wants to support businesses expanding globally, and verifying as many potential customers as possible we are always pushing to add new languages and documents. Our verification flow is available in 48 languages & dialects, and we support over 11,500 documents, but until recently we couldn’t fully verify documents that have personal data, like names, written in Cyrillic characters.

But not anymore. We’re happy to announce that we’ve now rolled out Cyrillic document support for our clients, giving wider access to identity documents and supporting users who couldn’t previously get verified, because they had only Cyrillic-based documents, to go through the online identity verification process seamlessly where languages using Cyrillic alphabets are spoken. 

This update to Veriff’s products is a huge advantage for potential customers who may only have Cyrillic documents and who couldn’t previously get verified with Veriff — they can now go through verification seamlessly. For now, it’s available for enterprise clients at their request, and comes at no additional cost to your current Veriff package.

While Veriff supports Cyrillic documents, it is not a default approach for all of our clients. Businesses using Veriff’s solutions are enabled to choose whether to support Cyrillic documents, based on their own needs and regulatory requirements.

Veriff strives to be the global solution to online identity verification, and we will continue to expand our offerings to make it possible for all businesses and users to safely live online.