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How Veriff is Building Trust and Simplifying Telemedicine

Veriff's identity solutions allow for patients, healthcare providers, and insurers to access and provide seamless telemedicine.

Featured image representing Veriff's Healthcare IDV solutions.
Ashley Nelson
February 8, 2022
Blog Post

Amid a global health crisis, people’s access to their healthcare professionals, medications, and insurance providers is more important than ever. The ability for both patients and providers to feel safe in handling healthcare matters online is extremely important as more of these processes are being moved online to protect the health of the globe. Seamless identity verification technology is one of the answers to ensuring the safety and privacy of patients information, and the integrity of healthcare providers care. 

How Veriff can help

Veriff provides trust and safety in virtual healthcare and telemedicine by harnessing biometric identity verification and authentication. Our technology protects online health records, authenticates identities quickly and accurately for virtual healthcare providers, streamlines health insurance claims, ensures prescription security, and a host of other benefits for the telemedicine world. 

Veriff’s role in telemedicine: 

For healthcare providers and insurers, Veriff can: 

  • Automate patient intake
  • Reduce friction points 
  • Simplify telemedicine protocols
  • Protect your reputation by mitigating data breaches
  • Deploy globally, authenticating patients anywhere in the world
  • Reduce manual work by increasing automation

“It can not be understated how important making healthcare processes easier for everyone is while we all navigate the global pandemic,” said Ibrahim Al-Taie, Product Marketing Manager at Veriff. “We simplify and secure easy access to digital medicine for patients, allowing patients and providers to safely convene, and help get prescriptions to the right people easily — all with an easy integration of Veriff’s identity verification solution.” 

To learn more about Veriff’s role in building trust in virtual healthcare and telemedicine, please visit us here