LibraryblogHow Veriff is building a trustworthy system for digital education

How Veriff is building a trustworthy system for digital education

Why might educational institutions need online identity verification? We're here to enlighten you - and to explain why Veriff can have a crucial role in helping schools, universities, and many others to know their students.

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Ashley Nelson
January 6, 2022
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Amid an increasingly digital world — and a world plagued by COVID-19 — educators and educational institutions need reliable resources to move instruction online. Veriff provides trustworthy, automated, fast, and accurate identification processes that ensures students are who they say they are. 

How Veriff can help

There are many obstacles with online education, most of which stem from a lack of verified  online identity for students. Veriff’s products can confirm identities for attendance confirmation, certifications, exams, remote study rooms, etc. Additionally, Veriff’s seamless onboarding can assist in onboarding both students and teachers ensuring only honest people are interacting with the institution. 

Veriff’s role in online education: 

As education continues to evolve, so does Veriff. Veriff can: 

  • Automate student enrollment — validate students' identities within seconds
  • Reduce friction points with a seamless student enrollment process
  • Simplify remote exams with a quick selfie 
  • Reduce manual work with increased automation 
  • Enroll students globally 

“Education is obviously critical across the globe, and making sure that educational institutions have the technological support to move online is imperative,” said Ibrahim Al-Taie, Product Marketing Manager at Veriff. “We can provide trustworthy systems for students and teachers alike, to make the process stress-free and ensure students are who they say they are.” 

To learn more about Veriff’s role in building trust for online education, please visit us here