LibraryblogThe risks that threaten to undermine trust in your P2P payments platform

The risks that threaten to undermine trust in your P2P payments platform

As P2P payments operators pursue growth, bad actors derive new methods to cause legal, financial, and reputational harm. Discover more about the market's major opportunities and risks today.

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Chris Hooper
Director of Content at
April 21, 2023
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Fraud Prevention
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Why Veriff

The P2P payment market is seeing rapid and sustained growth across the world, offering massive opportunities to industry operators. Concurrently, operators face new and rising threats from bad actors; find out why identity verification (IDV) offers a powerful tool to prevent fraud.

Fast decisions

A 98% check automation rate gets customers through in about 6 seconds.

Simple experience

Real-time end user feedback and fewer steps gets 95% of users through on the first try.

Document coverage

An unmatched 11K+, and growing, government-issued IDs are covered.

More conversions

Up to 30% more customer conversions with superior accuracy and user experience.

Better fraud detection

Veriff’s data-driven fraud detection is consistent, auditable, and reliably detects fraudulent forms of identification.

Scalability embedded

Veriff’s POA can grow with your company’s needs and keep up with times of increased user demand.

Find out more

Discover how Veriff is helping financial services firms to onboard more customers, achieve compliance, and prevent fraud.