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How Artificial Intelligence Protects Human Identities

The artificial-intelligence debate is rich and varied. More so than what Will AI Enslave Humanity? headlines suggest. Take Veriff. We use AI to prevent identity fraud, employing machine learning to analyze thousands of technological and behavioural variables. This lets us verify people from 190+ countries in seconds.

Without AI, instant global verification would be impossible. We’d need hundreds of thousands of people to do manual checks.

Today, AI bears the brunt of our analysis and approve/decline decisions. In the long term, it will help us make identity abuse and fraud so expensive and time-consuming that they will no longer be worth the effort.

It takes AI to fight AI

Getting there will take years of relentless battle. And the fight is only getting started. We may use AI to fight fraud already. But riding on the coattails of legitimate academic research, identity fraudsters are certain to add AI to their arsenal. The result won’t be pretty.

“A remarkable advance in artificial portrait generation adds a new potential layer of deception,” writes Fast Company. Want to see these so-called deepfaces yourself? Go to to see AI-generated unique faces in action.

More recently, the Samsung AI Center in Moscow produced “living portraits”. According to Vice, “the model can be trained using just one image to create a convincing, animated portrait.” Today, we watch Mona Lisa move her face and smile. In the near future, a fraudster will take your ID photo and make it move to beat a verification company’s liveness tests.

Or take Youtuber Ctrl Shift Face. He creates “entertaining deepfake videos” that point to a possible future where you cannot trust your eyes any more.

To steer clear of this scenario and prevent the total breakdown of trust online, Veriff is training AI to be a force for good. Today, we use it to verify identities and prevent fraud. Soon, it’ll help us become the first fraudproof identity provider for every connected human, and the businesses that serve them.

If you’re an identity criminal, enjoy the ride while it lasts. Your days are numbered.