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Veriff is launching Verification Tooling - An interview with Kalev Rundu

We spoke with Kalev Rundu, the Product Owner leading the launch of our Verification Tooling, identity verification software created by Veriff for in-house verification teams to make their work easier. Sign up for the wait list today!

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AuthorPatrick Johnson, May 6th, 2021

Not every company wants to outsource identity verification. It has its convenience, but for some businesses, it just isn't necessary. However building verification software in-house can be time-consuming, and buying software can be a minefield.

This is where Veriff can now step in.

We're launching our own identity verification software, which uses Veriff's innovative, industry-leading technology, but leaves the ultimate decisions to your own verification team.

But why Veriff? And why are we building this now? We decided to find out more from the Product Owner, Kalev Rundu.

In as few words as possible - what is our Identity Verification Software?

Veriff’s Identity Verification Software is a cloud-based SaaS system that enables companies to verify the identity of their customers on their own by guiding them through this process.

Why would a company want to use it? How would it fit into a company’s own infrastructure?

Identity verification is a requirement for companies across a range of industries, but different companies have slightly different needs and use cases for their IDV processes. We have aimed to build the Identity Verification Software in a way that it can easily accommodate industry-specific particularities. We see it being a perfect fit for companies that have the KYC expertise and know-how in-house, but who are lacking the necessary tooling to be able to keep the decision-making process in-house as well. 

Some of those particularities are, for example, risk-appetite, level of automatibility, conversion and response time. Our aim is to give our customers the necessary tooling and set them up for success, so they can be in control and not make them needlessly outsource this. In other words, our client has the final word, they make the decision, if an incoming verification session from their user gets approved or not. In this way, the customer has control over their end-to-end IDV process and customer acquisition.

What are the advantages of using it ahead of using Veriff’s full services?

Our acclaimed end-to-end service remains as an integral part of our product portfolio, however the Identity Verification Software offers superior flexibility to be linked into the workflow of the customer. It’s the combination of the trusted Veriff signature verification engine technology (including our automation stack, fraud prevention features, etc) with your own in-house know-how. Packed up into an interface made with love and user-friendliness in mind.

There are companies “building” their own solutions to cover those scenarios, which is a result of there not being a “buy” option. It is the classic “buy vs build” dilemma, only now there is the option to build or buy end-to-end IDV service, with the added option to buy the tooling without the service, adding the cost-effective factor to it.

Why did we build it now?

We have put thousands of hours into researching, designing, and developing our in-house verification tooling. Now we can truly say that we have arrived at a place where we have a mature tooling that is a delight to use and designed to find the sweet spot between conversion, speed, accuracy and transparency. We are now confident to start rolling this out to our customers.

If a company is interested in finding out more about the product, what should they do?

They should reach sign up via our waitlist, and we’ll get in touch to find out if our verification tools will work for them. View all product updates here.

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