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How does Veriff look in 2022 - A year-end verification flow update

As we were laser-focused on offering the best verification experience out there, we failed to offer any exciting updates about how our verification flow evolved throughout 2021. But now we're here to do just that, so read on and enjoy!

AuthorPatrick Johnson, January 14th, 2022



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It’s been...quite a while since we gave any updates about how our verification flow has evolved recently, so we took the new year as an opportunity to round up everything we did in 2021 and provide it in one epic blog.

Our verification flow is the cornerstone of our product offering. This is where your customers and users get themselves verified. Usually, this involves a picture of their identity document and a selfie, but as you’ll see, it can be adapted to your needs. So, how did we improve it in 2021? Here goes.

Flow improvements

We’ve touched on barcode scanning briefly before - here, but we’ve now expanded it further. Our clients have the option to offer barcode scanning for documents from the US and Canada using our iOS SDK. This is a massive benefit, as scanning the barcode on a document automatically extracts all the document’s data with 100% accuracy, allowing us to cross reference this with what’s written on the document and be sure everything is in order.

The other optional feature we’ve made available is Proof of Address, which we mentioned in our overall product updates blog for 2021.

A header image for our proof of address blog.

A preview of the flow when we capture proof of your address

We’ve also broadly looked to make life easier for customers everywhere by simplifying our flow and removing steps, primarily the document and country selection steps as we’re able to extract these automatically in most cases. These have been removed in our iOS SDK and web flows.

Finally, we removed the ability to switch which camera you’re using on your smartphone during the selfie and document image steps. This generally led to confusion and slowed customers down during verification, as you’re unlikely to take a selfie with your rear camera, or capture your document using your front camera.

Our UI

We’re always keen to make life easier for both our clients and their end users, which is why we constantly aim to improve our experience. We’ve added further customization options, making sure your brand can be recognizable despite it being a flow powered by Veriff.

We also added three new languages - Danish, Indonesian, and Greek - and along with this, you can now select the language for the UI in your front end development environment. We switched this from the previous option to select the language within the flow as this was causing too much confusion and users were running into issues.

More SDK updates

We already mentioned our iOS SDK, but we’ve made various updates and improvements throughout both our Android and iOS SDKs, so let’s get into them.

First, in our Android SDK, we made technical improvements in both image and video capture, which is a massive benefit for all Veriff clients as sharper images and videos make automated decisions easier than ever.

We’ve also now added a Flutter Wrapper to our SDK’s. In case you didn’t know then flutter is the new popular kid in the town for everyone who likes to build cross-platform applications.

And back to our iOS SDK for our final two updates, landscape image capture, and adding Objective-C support. Being able to capture a landscape image (which you can see in the blog header image) offers an advantage as documents are mostly printed in landscape, which means that we can have more effective pixels than with portrait image capture, which in turn means better conversion metrics. And Objective-C support to allow you to integrate Veriff in a wider set of environments easily. 

Waiting Room

Last, but arguably most importantly - we created a crucial feature for managing busy periods, our new waiting room. This helps keep verifications moving smoothly, while managing expectations for your customers. This means our AI, along with our verification team, are never overloaded and verifications maintain speed and accuracy.

And that is everything. Or, well, not quite everything, but everything we can tell you about that happened in 2021. Development never stops either, as 2022 will bring more exciting improvements to our flow and for Veriff overall, continuing in our ultimate goal to build the infrastructure for trust online, and our daily goal of providing the absolute best identity verification available anywhere.

See you in 2022 and Happy Veriffing!

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson

Content Manager

Patrick takes care of the voice of Veriff - coordinating the copy throughout our brand and product and making sure we're constantly delivering engaging and excellent content.

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