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Veriff launches configurable verification service

Veriff launches a new product update that enables clients to configure verification features based on their specific needs and risk tolerance.

Karita Sall
February 26, 2020
Product Update

According to Janer Gorohhov, the co-founder and COO of Veriff, this is a market-driven product innovation. It allows enterprises to pick and choose from over 20 different features and checks, based on the individual use case, in order to guide as many honest users through the onboarding process as possible.

“We took it one step further than the one size fits all approach and built a highly configurable product that allows our clients to select verification features that match their regulatory or internal needs. All this is to maximize verification conversion so our clients can focus on developing their core business,” explained Gorohhov.

Businesses can choose a fully automatic verification service that verifies an identity in a matter of seconds. This configuration suits clients who value conversion rates and speed and run limited volumes of ID checks.  

More risk-averse businesses, who may focus on preventing individual cases of fraud, can opt for a deeper configuration that leverages both automation and specialized human intuition concurrently in order to build trust and maximize protection. In addition to document validation and face matching, these companies can dig deep with capabilities such as browser, device, and network ID tracking and fingerprinting; background video analysis and liveness checks for fraud detection, KYC compliance and PEP and Sanctions checks.

Veriff supports over 7,000 government-issued IDs from 190 countries, which is far more than any other online identity verification service providers. Our global reach allows you to verify customers from all corners of the world.

We have localized our end-user flows for the world’s biggest markets, and the more languages we offer, the better. With 35 languages supported today, our team will continue to expand our reach in a way that aligns with the strategic visions of our partners.

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