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What’s New - November 2020: Veriff Product Update

It's time for November's product updates - there's not too many, but they're worth discovering, particularly all our new supported documents!

Patrick Johnson
December 7, 2020
Product Update

As the wind starts to chill, the first snow falls, and Christmas songs bellow from shop speakers around the world, we at Veriff are still busy making improvements to all of our exciting products. Find out below what’s been happening this month in Veriff Station, and which brand new documents we’ve added to our ever-growing list!

We’d also love to recommend you take a look at our verification flow updates for October and November to see what our intrepid team has been up to there.

Two more improvements for our Station users

Last month, we mentioned that we’ve now added image rotation and zoom in Veriff Station, and we’ve already made refinements to both features, so you’ll see them getting better and easier to use.

You can also now download a PDF document with all the details for any individual verification session. This includes the relevant images and all of the extracted data for that session, and this is useful in case you’ve chosen not to build a full integration with Veriff and need to maintain a copy of verification data for longer than it’s held in Station.

It’s also helpful in case, for any reason, you need to share this information with authorities. However, we'd guess that’s likely to be a rare occurrence.

New documents, new documents everywhere

We didn’t share any new document updates last month, as our team was busy working on adding a whole lot of them - and we’re seriously excited to share the list that we added in November.

So here goes!

  • Angolan Residence Permit - Includes Temporary & Permanent
  • Cambodian Resident Permit - Permanent Residence Card & Foreign Employment Card
  • Djiboutian Identity Card
  • Djiboutian Driver’s Licence
  • Ethiopian Identity Card
  • Ethiopian Residence Permit - Includes Permanent Residence ID, Foreign National of Ethiopian Origin ID & Temporary Residence ID
  • Gabonese Driver’s Licence
  • Iraqi Identity Card
  • Kiribatian Identity Card
  • Macanese Driver’s Licence
  • Mauritian Residence Permit - UID for Non-Citizen Card
  • Mauritian Driver’s Licence
  • South Korean Identity Card - Includes Consular Identity Card & Overseas Korean Resident Card
  • Thai Residence Permit - Non-Thai Identification Card

We told you it was an impressive list. It’s not every day you’ll write, or read, the words Macanese and Kiribatian. 

That’s all for November, now we roll on towards the festive season looking to end 2020 on a high. Or, as high as it gets this year. If you want to keep up with what Veriff are doing day-to-day, you can follow us all across social media - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Veriffing!