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What’s New in January 2020: Veriff Product Update

With the longest month of the year behind us, here is what our product teams have been working on in January 2020.

Sarah Hamid
February 3, 2020
Product Update

We're excited to share the tweaks and improvements to our dashboard and end-user flows, as well as announce that we now support 7,000+ government-issued IDs. Here's a full overview of what's changed since the start of the year.

End-user flow improvements

Through rigorous testing, our product teams are able to identify small ways to improve our end-user flows that ultimately make a significant impact for our clients. While tweaks change from client to client and from web integrations to SDKs, here are the universal updates made last month.

What's new in our web flows

Users that go through our web verification flows will now see a waiting screen after the flow is complete. This screen gives them more visibility into what is happening behind the scenes. They are also able to wait until a final decision is made and see the results immediately on the screen.

Veriff Identity Verification Product Update

Other changes include additional photo prevalidation checks during the flow, giving users more concrete feedback. Our resubmission screens now include more information for users on how to improve their photos, providing detailed examples that will boost pass rates. 

What’s new on mobile

The additional photo prevalidation checks are also available in our Android SDKs. We also tested product copy and adjusted it to give users more clarity on how to capture their selected identity documents.  

These updates come in addition to our routine bug fixes and updates, which are aimed to bump up quality and reliability.

Updates in Veriff Station dashboard

After releasing Veriff Station in November 2019, we received plenty of actionable feedback from users like yourself. This month, our team made it possible for users in the Support role to create live sessions. 

Managing Countries and Documents under the integrations Integrations tab was also made more user-friendly. We added the functionality to bulk select per request from several clients. 

Over 7,000 identity documents supported

While product teams are busy with fine-tuning our dashboard and end-user flows, our verification department works around the clock to add more and more specimens to our database of supported government-issued IDs. This month we passed the 7,000 mark, and look forward to continuing to pump up those numbers throughout 2020.

Be sure to update your SDKs and web flows to make the most of these new features. Don't hesitate to share your feedback with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter and happy Veriffing! View all product updates here.