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What’s New - January & February 2021: Veriff’s Product Update

We’re into the third month of 2021, and it’s time to offer a glimpse into what our hard-working teams have been up to in January & February.

Patrick Johnson
March 8, 2021
Product Update

How is it March already?

It feels like only moments ago champagne corks were popping quietly in everyone’s homes and we were celebrating the arrival of a brand new year. Somehow though, we’re already on the third month, and as expected, we’ve been hard at work in Veriff since January 1st began.

Like a lot of technology companies, a large amount of the work done within Veriff isn’t able to be shouted about, or even shared at all, but rest assured that we’re constantly improving our product for clients and users alike.

With that being said, we have got a few things to mention that we got done in the first two months of the year. So without further ado, let’s get to them.

A new role for Veriff Station

By popular demand, we’ve now added a brand new role to Veriff Station called ‘Session Details Viewer’. This allows the relevant user to have view-only access to a specific verification session within Veriff Station as long as they have the direct link. It’s effectively the most minimal access level possible.

This is useful if you need to have strict controls over which verification sessions that certain employees can view.

An extra update to our new plans

Last month we announced our new plans and pricing, and we’ve already made a small but significant improvement. This allows existing customers to switch from their current plan, whether that’s a legacy plan, or one of our three new plans, to a different plan within their Veriff dashboard.

Upon launch, this feature hadn’t yet been enabled, but now that it’s in place it should allow businesses to update their verification plan as they scale.

New accepted document types

We’ve made a pretty major change regarding the documents we’re now able to accept, by adding the ability to accept PDFs and scanned documents. By their nature, these documents are less trustworthy than a physical identity document, but in some instances they’re acceptable for verification purposes. Previously, we’d chosen not to accept these, as we aim for the best possible fraud prevention while not sacrificing speed and efficiency, but after a couple of client requests we made the update.

We’re always willing to work with our clients to offer the best possible verification experience to their users.

Getting faster and smarter all the time

Finally, it’s less of a product update and more of a minor brag, but thanks to the tireless work of our development teams we’ve increased our document check automation rate to 98%, and improved our median response time to just five seconds. Yes, FIVE. Like the late 90’s British boy band. And we never stand still in our pursuit of excellence. We’ll keep on movin’. View all product updates here.