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What’s New - December 2020: Veriff Product Update

We take a look back at the final month of 2020, to let you know what our product teams delivered in time for Christmas.

Patrick Johnson
January 11, 2021
Product Update

Let’s start this blog right - Happy New Year! We’re finally into 2021, we’ve had the Christmas dinner, we’ve popped the champagne, and we’re right back at work. However, we still need to take a quick moment to look back over what our fantastic product teams got done in December 2020.

There isn’t too much to share this time around, but we’re always proud to be making life easier for our clients and their users - even by a little bit at a time!

More data in Veriff Station

The biggest update that Veriff Station saw in December was the improving of the IP location in the details of each verification. It’s a small but significant upgrade, helping to highlight not only the city your user is in, but also the region and country. It helps to take things to a slightly more granular level.

And we already communicated it separately, but wanted to reiterate that video is now enabled for all of our self-service clients. You can read our blog about how video helps fight online fraud for more information here.

Exciting news for our Verification Engine

We aren’t always able to share what our amazing automation team have been up to, but this month we’ve got a mini wave of news.

First up, our introduction of place of birth extraction as an additional piece of data when we both automatically and manually extract data from documents. This is a legal requirement for certain companies in a number of countries, so we’re happy to be able to introduce this as one of our custom extraction fields.

We’ve also added a new data extraction package to our existing options for customers, which includes 10 fields from your user’s document. We already offered five, seven and nine fields, and we’re now adding a tenth.

Here’s how the fields break down.

Five Fields

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Expiry
  • Document Number

Seven Fields

  • The five fields
  • Date of Issue
  • Personal Number

Nine Fields

  • The seven fields
  • Gender
  • Nationality

Ten Fields

  • The nine fields
  • Address

Finally, we’ve added a new product - face only verification. This is really to cover instances where you may need to quickly reverify an individual. A good example here is for online shops selling lots of goods, including alcohol - a user might already be signed up and verified, but maybe their account is being used to buy alcohol for the first time, and you want to be certain it’s them buying the alcohol (as you already know from their ID they’re over 18). You can simply ask for a quick selfie and we’re able to verify that it is indeed that person, comparing the selfie with their ID which is in your records already. And you’re safe in the knowledge their account isn’t being used by someone else without their knowledge or permission.

That wraps up all the updates in December. We hope you had an excellent festive season and enjoyed a different kind of new year, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s ahead of all of us in 2021.

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