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August & September 2020: Veriff Product Update

A little later than planned, here’s two months worth of exciting updates from all across Veriff!

Patrick Johnson
October 9, 2020
Product Update

It’s been an ever-changing couple of months for the Veriff team, as we moved back to fully remote working in early September as a precautionary measure. Our office sits quietly, but like earlier in the year, we do not. Here’s what our product teams have been up to over the last 6-7 weeks.

Big updates for Veriff Station

Your daily dashboard, Veriff Station, has seen some exciting improvements, particularly the new image display for each verification session. We’ve now added scrolling controls and zoom, along with all images collected within our EU-based verification flow. This makes it easier to review sessions and see reasons why a verification might have been declined or sent for resubmission.

You’ll also see an update to images if you get your data via an API, as we improved our /media endpoint, so it now supports a large amount of images being sent.

If you’ve got NFC as part of your verification flow you’ll also now see the portrait image which is imported via NFC along with all the relevant verification session media. And if you’re interested in NFC, you can learn more about it in our dedicated blog post here.

We’ve also made some updates to risk labels (which we’ve mentioned here before), improving performance and only displaying relevant risk labels, which should make things more straightforward.

The final Station update is to our transactional emails - we’ve heard the feedback you’ve sent, and have worked at making our emails simpler to add clarity. Hopefully any confusion you’ve had in the past will be avoided from now on.

Exciting news for our verification flow

There is so much news about the updates to our verification flow over the past 2 months that we’ve written an entire separate article about it! Give it a read now.

We also wrote a separate blog article about our support for Apple iOS 14, so definitely check in with that as well.

A new document for our friends Down Under

To wrap up our product updates - we couldn’t fail to mention the newest identity document we’ve added support for, the Australian Residence Permit, issued by Department of Home Affairs.

If you’ve never considered moving to the vast, beautiful country of Australia, you may not know how challenging it is to get your hands on this document - the application process can take some serious time - so it’s an immensely valuable piece of paperwork. And now it’s a little better, as it’s accepted by Veriff!

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