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What’s New in October 2019: Veriff Product Update

This month, Veriff Station went public, 11 new languages were added, and our product team tweaked and debugged our flows to improve overall quality. Here’s what’s new in October. 

Sarah Hamid
November 5, 2019
Product Update

Every month, we collect the biggest Veriff product updates and give you a summary of what our tech teams are working on behind the scenes. From our mobile SDKs and web flows to changes in our client platform, October came with a lot of major improvements. 

First and foremost, we were excited to launch Veriff Station to the public after a successful round of closed beta testing. Our team also added 11 new languages and tweaked and debugged our flows to improve overall quality.

Veriff Station goes public

Hundreds of companies participated in the closed beta trial for Veriff Station. After a month of testing, our new self-service verification platform was ready for the public. 

Built for the 4,000+ small to medium companies we turned down due to low volumes, Veriff Station makes it possible for any business to build trust at scale. Flexible pricing plans offer a budget-friendly alternative for growing companies, and for 30 days anyone can test it out for free. You can learn more about Veriff Station here, or go ahead and sign up for a free trial.

11 new languages added

Verify anyone, anywhere. Or at least, almost anywhere. Our latest SDKs and web flows are updated with 11 more languages, increasing our total number of localizations to 34. Below is a list of the languages added this month:

  • Hungarian
  • Romanian
  • Bulgarian
  • Serbian (Latin script)
  • Slovenian
  • Slovak
  • Macedonian
  • Croatian
  • Norwegian (Bokmål)
  • Finnish
  • Swedish

Language options are added based on demand, and the more there are, the better. If you want to see more languages added, get in touch with our sales or support team.

Improvements made to our web flows

In September we released a new technical web platform. Since then, our web verification flows were treated to a few new features, including:

  • Inflow feedback in our new web application
  • Auto-selected countries based on GeoIP
  • Option to disable "Selfie" photo-taking

Improvements made to iOS and Android SDKs

Our latest mobile SDK releases also come with improvements. Veriff’s iOS flows have the added functionality of scanning barcodes on US driver’s licenses. This will help users selecting that option breeze through the verification process.

Android SDKs now have added automatic face detection, also improving usability. Our team also added inflow feedback for Android users, giving them tips that guide them throughout the verification process.

View all product updates here.

Be sure to update your SDKs and web flows to access these latest features. More updates are in the works this month, and until then share your feedback with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.