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Time to put Veriff to work.

This will help you integrate Veriff into your application. For full Developer's Documentation, head to

  1. Head to your inbox

    We’ll send you an email that contains a login link.

  2. Follow the link and authenticate

    Download Google Authenticator (iOS or Android). Follow the link we emailed and you’ll see a QR code. Scan it with Google Authenticator. You’ll see a 6-digit code.

  3. Log in to Veriff's back office

    Use the 6-digit code from Google Authenticator to finalize your account.
    Get 'API_KEY' (Management -> Vendor -> General -> API Key) from Veriff's back office.

  4. Integrate Veriff Javascript SDK into your front-end application

    Install using npm:

    $ npm install --save @veriff/js-sdk

    or download from CDN:

    <script src=""></script>

    Finally, integrate:

    <div id="veriff-root"></div>
    const veriff = Veriff({
      env: "production",
      apiKey: "24748e88-a299-42c9-a2f2-2d44807e7e88",
      parentId: "veriff-root",
      onSession: function(err, response) {
        // Access verification ID through ""
  5. Integrate Veriff Javascript SDK into your back-end application

    Go to Veriff's back office and set 'Notification url' webhook endpoint (Management -> Vendors -> Edit) to which Veriff will post decision notifications of verification results. Note that only https will be allowed.

    On your side, open an endpoint and set it to the same 'Notification url'. Once verification for a user has been completed, a POST request webhook with application/json media type will be heading to your way.

    Show JSON response:

      "status": "success",
      "verification": {
        "id": "f04bdb47-d3be-4b28-b028-a652feb060b5",
        "status": "approved",
        "code": 9001,
        "reason": null,
        "acceptanceTime": "2017-01-18T12:22:50.239Z",
        "person": {
          "firstName": "John",
          "lastName": "Smith",
          "idNumber": null,
          "citizenship": null,
          "dateOfBirth": "1990-01-01",
          "gender": "M",
          "nationality": null
        "document": {
          "number": "B01234567",
          "type": "PASSPORT",
          "country": "DE",
          "validFrom": "2015-11-11",
          "validUntil": "2021-12-09"
        "comments": [],
        "additionalVerifiedData": {}
      "technicalData": {
        "ip": ""
  6. Well done!

    You’re now ready to use Veriff's back office on