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Blox Car partners up with Veriff

Transportation is often taken for granted. It makes our lives more connected and allows for  more freedom in travel. Owning a car is one of the most popular options, however it is also expensive. Car-sharing makes it possible to save up on the costs of owning a car, split maintenance, insurance and other hidden fees between multiple people.

Kristjan Kond
April 8, 2020
Case Study

Renting a car is as simple as making a booking, agreeing on where to pick up the car and showing your driver’s license. Listing a car to share isn’t exactly rocket science and, if you don’t need your car in the immediate future, it’s a good way to make a quick buck. Wide coverage and a large user base makes Blox Car the top choice to go for when looking to rent or list a car in Finland. 

With nearly 15,000 monthly visitors on their website, Blox Car’s strong team has taken on a mission to build an easy and, most importantly, safe peer-to-peer car-sharing service. Blox Car has seen rapid growth over the past few months, and chose Veriff as a partner to accelerate customer onboarding. 

Considering that car-sharing is a relatively new industry, establishing trust is a key challenge. Having a solid and scalable identity verification process allows the platform’s users to be sure that they know who they are transacting with. This is where Veriff comes in, helping Blox Car solve the challenge of trust. 

Importance of identity verification for Blox Car

After partnering up with Veriff, Blox Car has made the sign-up process for their platform as simple as ABC. In order to verify your identity, you simply need to have:

  • A valid drivers’ license
  • A device (smartphone, tablet, computer) with a camera
  • Internet connection  

The process itself is simple and takes only a few minutes. You need to:

  • Capture a selfie
  • Capture pictures of the IDs front & back side
  • Wait for a short moment

Within just around a minute you will be granted access to the platform, having hundreds of vehicles to choose from. 

Through crosslinking network and device data, analyzing facial biometrics and referencing the document to Veriff’s internal and external databases, fraudulent sign-up attempts are identified and mitigated. This contributes to the overall hygiene of the platform, ensuring a high quality service for both renters and listers. All of this is done within a couple of minutes, so users don’t have to wait when signing up.

Veriff Station gives SMEs, such as Blox Car, an opportunity to outsource the identity verification of their customers, so they could focus on what’s really important to them. With tiers as low as 70 verifications a month, Veriff provides a smart and scalable solution to verify your clients with no commitment and flexible payment plans. Learn more at