Perfect your verification process with Assisted Image Capture

Improve conversion with Assisted Image Capture

AuthorPatrick Johnson, April 28th, 2020

Last month, we announced the launch of our newest product - Assisted Image Capture. Today, we want to explain what on earth it is, and how it could supercharge your verification conversions.

So, what is Assisted Image Capture?

Well, it’s like sending a professional photographer to stand next to someone going through verification and make sure they get it right the first time. Just, using AI instead of an actual professional photographer.

In a standard verification process, you’re likely to be asked to take photos of your ID document and probably a selfie. Sometimes you need to repeat a line on screen, or wink at the camera, but Veriff doesn’t need any of that nonsense.

The problem with the standard process is that even though it sounds easy, people don’t know what the quality of the photo needs to be. We understand that verification is often a brand new experience for people, and this is why it can be tough to get it right the first time.This is how you end up with selfies that are too dark, or don’t show a whole face, or document images which are blurry or don’t include the MRZ (that’s the machine-readable zone, those two indecipherable lines at the bottom of your passport photo page).

With Assisted Image Capture, this is all a thing of the past. How? Easy - we show onscreen messages to the person being verified, letting them know if there’s a problem with their photo in real-time. They don’t have to wait for hours for feedback to find out they failed verification because they didn’t switch a light on.

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How does it improve conversion?

You might have already figured this bit out, but let’s call it out anyway. If your customers only need to go through verification once, and it’s made as simple as possible, then they’ll get it done, finish their sign up, and stick with you.

Making the verification process less daunting appeals to honest customers - they understand more easily what you require of them and they’re more willing to provide it. 

Allied to this, we’ve moved the selfie step to the end of the flow, meaning they photograph their ID document first and they’re not left scrambling for it midway through being verified.

And it gets even better

If you’re not convinced by the benefits of Assisted Image Capture, there’s one last thing we need to mention - you don’t even need to use Veriff as your IDV provider to use it. It plugs in to your existing system easily, so you can get the incredible benefits it brings without going all in with Veriff.

For our partners who’ve done this, along with the conversion increase, they’ve seen a decrease in emails about issues related to IDV. So, it’s not just verified customers who are happy, but customer support too.

If you want to know more about Assisted Image Capture, or you’re interested in Veriff you can check out our social media channels below, or reach out to us at We’d love to welcome you as Veriff’s next partner.

Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson

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