Veriff donates 1 million verifications to a world in crisis.

Veriff is committed to empowering honest customers and businesses. As a force for good, we have a responsibility to help the world. To assist in this time of need, Veriff has pledged to donate one million verifications to non-profit organizations across the world.

1M free verifications for non-profits
Word from the CEO of Veriff

Why are we offering this?

At Veriff, we aim to create a better world by helping to confirm the identity of people online, but we want to do more. The recent spread of COVID-19 has put a strain on not only several businesses, but non-profits as well. The decreasing possibility to have face-to-face conversations means verified online communication is more important than ever. Providing free verification is our way of making this easier.

How to apply


Complete an application

Fill out our comprehensive webform to present your situation.

Application is reviewed

Our KYB team will evaluate your application to verify both need and urgency.

Application approved

Once your application has been assessed, we will contact you to communicate the decision.

Questions & Answers

Who can apply?

Is Veriff donating a sum of 1 million verifications to a single recipient, or spreading them out among multiple organizations?

Is the number of verifications one organization can receive from Veriff limited?

What kind of NPOs need the remote verifications most urgently?

Which identity verification services will be included?

How long does it take for an organization to start using your service? How long does onboarding take?


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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from free verification.
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